Joining the AES

photo by Allan Carroll, NRCan
Membership in the Acadian Entomological Society is available to anyone interested in entomology.

The main activity of the society is the annual meeting, where regional perspectives in entomology are highlighted, including issues relating to agriculture, forestry, aquatic entomology, and general entomology.

Benefits: Members, as well as non-members, are welcome to attend the Annual General Meeting, usually held in July. Members may vote in executive elections and may stand for election. Members receive a copy of the Proceedings from annual meetings.

The AES publishes a refereed scientific electronic journal (Journal of the Acadian Entomological Society). Occasional Papers, containing information of special interest or taxonomic value that do not fit the terms of reference for publication in the Journal may also be published intermittently.

Annual dues are $20CDN (regular member) or $10CDN (student member).

Paying for an AES membership

Pay membership by PayPal by choosing your membership (student or regular) then click the "Add to Cart" button. The email address associated with your PayPal transaction will be used on the AES contact list – unless you indicate that another should be used. Your preferred email can be indicated on the “Instruction from buyer” during the PayPal transaction or by submitting the information via the AES Membership Application form (see below).


ESC membership

Once you join/renew your AES membership, we encourage you to consider joining/renewing your membership with our national society, the ESC. The ESC has created a new membership category that could be right for you: ESC's Entomology Enthusiast.

An entomology enthusiast is a person who is engaged in entomological pursuits as an amateur (e.g. collects and/or studies insects as a pastime), and who does not derive a significant amount of their income from entomological activity, such as entomologist instructors/researchers (university or college), government researchers and extension personnel or students enrolled in a graduate program in entomology. To join the ESC as an Entomology Enthusiast, visit, click join, and select "Entomology Enthusiast" in the options presented below.