Monarch Butterfly Sighting Wanted! 
newly hatched pine sawfly larva, photo by Rick West The award-winning internet-based science program, Journey North, helps students study the arrival of spring. Over 300,000 students are studying with this program. The program would like your sightings of monarch butterfly adults, eggs and larva. Please register at Journey North or send the following information to Don Davis: the date, name of observer, name of closest town or village and other details. One monarch was seen at Knowlton, Quebec. They have now reached Winnipeg, Manitoba. Also New Brunswick!


Who Are the Insects in Your Neighbourhood? 
Click here for details of a Public Education Event held during the AES 2006 Annual Meeting.

Educators, groups and individuals interested in developing activities promoting public awareness of entomology are invited to contact the AES President, Md Habibullah Bahar.

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